Carya tomentosa

Common Names: Mockernut hickory, mockernut, white hickory, whiteheart hickory, hognut, bullnut
Category: Trees
Sub-category: Hickory

The most abundant of the hickories, common in the eastern half of the US, it is long lived, sometimes reaching the age of 500 years. The species’ name comes from the Latin word tomentum, meaning "covered with dense short hairs," referring to the underside of the leaves which help identify the species. Mockernut hickory is a large, true hickory with a dense crown, straight-growing.

In the north, mockernut hickory is found on drier soils of ridges and hillsides and less frequently on moist woodlands and alluvial bottoms. The species grows and develops best on deep, fertile soils.

Edible Notes: The nut meat is edible, but due the small size, they are not commonly eaten by humans. The wood is used to smoke meats.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.