Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures is a catch-all category for this website that encompasses just about everything that can be found in Connecticut coastal waters. It includes crabs, snails, fish, mollusks, and sponges, which are closer on the tree of life to animals than plants. In all cases, sea creatures are saltwater aquatic organisms, however a few of them, such as turtles, crabs and snails, can occasionally be found crawling outside of the water along the shore lines.

Connecticut is well known for its seafood industry, especially oysters and clams. Fishing is a popular sport along the coast, as is digging for clams, scallops, and even collect blue crabs. Lobsters are also a major commercial industry for Connecticut.

With the exception of pollution issues, Connecticut coastal waters are considered relatively safe to swim in. While there are occasionally dangerous sharks present, such as the great white shark, they are not common, and shark attacks in Connecticut waters are extremely rare. Stinging jellyfish can occasionally be a problem, however they are typically not abundant, and Connecticut is not known to have any serious of fatal jelly fish, such as the venomous box jellyfish that can be found off the coast of Australia and in Asian waters. Connecticut sadly doesn't have a great variety of seashells, none of which are particularly interesting or collectible. Most commonly seen are oysters, mussels, clams, and slipper shells. Razor clams, scallops and whelks can still be found, however they are not as common as they used to be.

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