Ranunculus sceleratus

Common Names: Cursed crowfoot, celery-leaved buttercup, cursed buttercup
Category: Plants
Sub-category: Buttercup family

It is an annual herb growing up to half a meter tall. The leaves are more or less glabrous (hairless) and have small blades each deeply lobed or divided into three leaflets. They are borne on long petioles. The flowers are 5 to 10mm across with five or fewer yellow petals a few millimeters long and reflexed sepals. The fruit is an achene borne in a cluster of several.

It grows in wet and moist habitat, including ponds and streambanks.

Primary Flower Color: Yellow
Secondary Flower Color: Yellow
Edible Notes: Poisonous.
Warnings: It is the most toxic buttercup and contains 2.5% protoanemonin. When the leaves are wrinkled, damaged or crushed, they bring out unsightly sores and blisters on human skin.