Euphorbia esula

Common Names: Leafy spurge, green spurge
Category: Plants
Sub-category: Spurges

It is an invasive plant in many areas. Because of its persistent nature and ability to regenerate from small pieces of root, leafy spurge is extremely difficult to eradicate. A herbaceous perennial plant growing to 1 to 1.2 m tall, with several stems branched from the base. The stems are smooth, hairless or slightly hairy. The leaves are small, lanceolate, 4 to 8.5 cm long and up to 1 cm broad, with a slightly wavy margin. The flowers are small, produced in umbels with a basal pair of bright yellow-green petal-like bracts.

Clusters of the bracts appear in late spring, while the actual flowers do not develop until early summer.

Primary Flower Color: Yellow
Secondary Flower Color: Green
Edible Notes: All parts of the plant contain a toxic white milky sap.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.