Duchesnea indica

Common Names: Mock strawberry, Indian strawberry, false strawberry
Category: Plants
Sub-category: Rose family

Syn. Potentilla indica. A strawberry-like plant that has foliage and an aggregate accessory fruit similar to that of a true strawberry, though this is apparently an independent evolution of the similar fruit type. It has yellow flowers, unlike the white or slightly pink flowers of true strawberries. The leaves are trifoliate, roughly veined beneath, dark green, and often persisting through the winter, arising from short crowns. The plant spreads along creeping stolons, rooting and producing crowns at each node.

Commonly found growing in lawns, fields, and waste areas. Blooms mid spring, then sporadically throughout the growing season.

Primary Flower Color: Yellow
Secondary Flower Color: Yellow
Edible Notes: The fruits are edible, though unpleasant and lacking taste.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.