Crocus vernus

Common Names: Spring Crocus, giant Crocus
Category: Plants
Sub-category: Iris family

Its cultivars and that of Crocus flavus (Dutch crocuses) are used as ornamental plants. The Dutch crocuses are larger than the other cultivated species (snow crocuses), and tend to bloom two weeks later. Height is approximately 10 to 15 cm. Leaves are long, thin, resemble grass. Flowers can vary considerably in color ranging from white to pink to purple, often with variegation.

Most commonly found in lawns or flower gardens. Blooms in very early spring, often seen with snow, and is one of the first spring flowers to show.

Primary Flower Color: Blue/Purple
Secondary Flower Color: White
Edible Notes: No available information on edibility.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.