Syrphus knabi

Common Names: Syrphus knabi, Syrphid fly
Category: Insects
Sub-category: Flies

A species of fly that resembles a bee and is an example of Batesian mimicry, that is, an edible animal is protected by its resemblance to a noxious one that is avoided by predators. Size is approximately 7.2 to 12.9 mm. Wing membrane has extensive bare areas, including cell bm (lacking microtrichia). Eyes are not hairy. Face is yellowish with black spots over antennae. Hairs are on bottom of mid-basitarsus; all yellow/orange. Yellow bands on segments 3 & 4 are complete. First tarsal segment of hind leg is mostly yellow/orange above. Thorax is strongly yellow-pruinose laterally.

Edible Notes: Not likely edible for humans.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.
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