Pisaurina mira

Common Names: Nursery web spider
Category: Insects
Sub-category: Spiders

The Pisauridae are hunters who roam about in search of prey. Nursery web spiders inhabit fields, meadows, and woods. Pisaurina mira also likes to live in tall grass, shrubs, and bushes. Some are even found in houses.

The females have body lengths of 11 to 19 mm. The males have body lengths of 9 to 14 mm. Like other members of the Pisauridae, Pisaurina mira carries its eggs along with it in a sac that is secured both by a thread of silk linking it to the spider's spinnerets and by being held by the spider's chelicerae. When the eggs are nearly ready to hatch the mother will build a nursery web within which the egg sac is then hung. After they hatch, and until they undergo their first molt, the infant spiders will inhabit the rather large volume enclosed by this nursery web. The mother spider will station herself nearby in order to defend the nursery.

Edible Notes: Not edible.
Warnings: While they can cause a mildly painful bite, they are not harmful to humans.