Dolomedes tenebrosus

Common Names: Dark fishing spider
Category: Insects
Sub-category: Spiders

A semi-aquatic spider which hunts by waiting at the edge of a pool or stream, then when they detect the ripples from prey, they run across the surface to subdue it using their foremost legs, which are tipped with small claws; like other spiders they then inject venom with their hollow jaws to kill and digest the prey. They can also climb beneath the water, when they become encased in a silvery film of air. Female bodies are 15 to 26 mm; males are about half that size at 7 to 13 mm. Legs range from 50 to 90 mm. As far as Connecticut spiders go, they are quite large. The spider is a pale to dark brown color with several chevron markers and lighter stripes around its legs.

Edible Notes: Not edible.
Warnings: While not generally dangerous or aggressive towards humans, like other spiders they are capable of inflicting a painful and mildly venomous bit.