Bombus impatiens

Common Names: Common eastern bumble bee
Category: Insects
Sub-category: Bees

They have short and even hair, medium-sized heads with cheeks that are similar in width to their heads, and a long and rectangular body. In general, queens and workers are similar in their coloring, pubescence, and structure. However, with a body length of 17 to 23 mm, queens have bigger bodies than males or workers. Workers have bodies that are 8.5 to 16 mm, and males have bodies that are 12 to 18 mm long. The differences in their sizes can be observed by the differences in their larval weight at second instar. In addition to the difference in their sizes, males slightly differ in their coloring. While queens and workers are both black with a yellow thorax and first abdominal segment, males have a yellow face and head.

Most commonly found feeding on flowers in meadows and gardens.

Edible Notes: Not considered edible.
Warnings: Like many other bees, they are capable of inflicting a painful sting however they are not considered aggressive towards humans.