Stropharia rugosoannulata

Common Names: Wine cap stropharia, garden giant, burgundy mushroom, king stropharia, godzilla mushroom, Japanese: saketsubatake
Category: Fungi
Sub-category: Agaric

The king stropharia can grow to 20 cm high with a reddish-brown convex to flattening cap up to 30 cm across. The gills are initially pale, then grey, and finally dark purple-brown in colour. The firm flesh is white, as is the tall stem which bears a wrinkled ring.

It is found on wood chips and bark mulch across North America in summer and autumn.

Edible Notes: Unlike many other members of the genus Stropharia, it is widely regarded as a choice edible and cultivated for food. Described as very tasty by some authors, king stropharia is easily cultivated on a medium similar to that on which it grows naturally.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.