Mycena leaiana

Common Names: Orange mycena, Lea's mycena
Category: Fungi
Sub-category: Mycena genus

A saprobic fungus characterized by their bright orange caps and stalks and reddish-orange gill edges, which usually grow in dense clusters on deciduous logs. The hygrophanous cap is 1 to 4 cm in diameter, and initially rounded or bell-shaped but becoming expanded and convex with age, often with a depression in the center. The color is a bright orange that fades as the mushroom matures. The surface of the cap is sticky, especially in moist weather, and smooth, while the margin often has striations. The trama is soft, watery, and white. The gills are adnexed in attachment (gills narrowly attached/tapering toward stem so that their attachment is almost free), crowded together, and yellowish in color, with the color deepening to bright orange-red at the edges. The stipe is typically 3 to 7 cm long by 2 to 4 mm thick. The diameter of the stipe is more or less equal throughout its length, although it may be slightly enlarged at the base. It is orange in color, and has fine hairs on the upper portion, and denser hairs at the base. The spore print is white.

Edible Notes: No available information on edibility but generally not regarded as poisonous either.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.