Leucocoprinus birnbaumii

Common Names: Flowerpot parasol, plantpot dapperling, flower pot mushroom
Category: Fungi
Sub-category: Agarics

Fruit bodies occur singly or in small clumps. All parts are bright, pale sulphur-yellow, but fade with age. When young, the cap is usually taller than broad, later becoming convex and around 20 to 60 mm. The cap surface is smooth but dotted with fine, easily detached scales, and often develops shallow, radial grooves near the margin. The gills are free (not attached to the stem) and are covered by a partial veil when young, which ruptures to leave a fragile, evanescent ring on the stem.

It is a a saprotroph, living on very decayed plant matter, and is most commonly found in potted plants or where potting soil has been used.

Edible Notes: Not edible, poisonous.
Warnings: Fruit bodies of Leucocoprinus birnbaumii are poisonous if consumed, causing significant stomach problems.