Leucoagaricus americanus

Common Names: Reddening Lepiota
Category: Fungi
Sub-category: Leucoagaricus genus

Syn. Lepiota americana, Lepiota bresadolae. Cap is 3 to 15cm across, oval becoming broadly convex, then flat with an umbo; background whitish at first, then reddening when mature and bruised; dry and smooth but quickly breaking into large, coarse, reddish-brown or dingy pinkish-buff scales. Gills free, close, broad; white staining pinky-buff. Stem is 7 to 13cm tall and 5 to 20mm wide, often enlarged at or below the middle and tapering toward the base; white at first, staining or aging pinkish or reddish brown; smooth with adpressed silky hairs. Veil membranous partial veil leaves a white double edged ring on the upper stalk which may disappear in age. Flesh thick, firm; white staining yellowish then reddish brown.

Habitat singly or in dense clusters in fields, waste places, and sawdust piles and around stumps. June to October.

Edible Notes: Variable reports on edibility. Some sources list it as edible. Other's suggest it's best avoided or possibly harmful.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.