Hygrocybe punicea

Common Names: Scarlet waxy cap, crimson waxy cap
Category: Fungi
Sub-category: Hygrocybe

A large waxcap with an initially bell-shaped, and later flattening, cap 4 to 10 cm across and blood- to dark red in colour. The gills are thick and widely spaced, yellow red in colour. The spore print is white. The ringless stipe is up 5 to 9 cm high and 2 cm wide, red with a paler yellow or whitish base. The flesh is whitish.

Found in woodlands.

Edible Notes: Mild tasting, Hygrocybe punicea recorded as edible in Europe, although there have been reports of adverse reactions in North America, therefore not recommended.
Warnings: Conflicting information on edibility and toxicity.