Cortinarius corrugatus

Common Names: Corrugated Cortinarius, wrinkled Cortinarius
Category: Fungi
Sub-category: Corts

A small brownish mushroom with slightly lilac gills and a 'corrugated' cap. Cap is 4 to 10 cm; bell-shaped to convex or widely conical at first, becoming broadly convex to broadly bell-shaped; slimy when fresh or wet, but often merely tacky or even dry; bald, but distinctively corrugated-wrinkled except in the very center; orange-brown to reddish brown or yellowish brown. Gills are attached to the stem; close; whitish, grayish, or pale lilac at first, becoming cinnamon to rusty with a slight hint of lilac. Stem is 7 to 12 cm long; up to 2 cm thick; terminating in a slightly rounded bulb; finely silky; whitish to yellowish or pale brownish; often with rusty, slimy veil material around the bulb.

Typically found under hardwoods, especially beech, in the summer or fall.

Edible Notes: Reported to be edible, but not recommended, as there are toxic look-alikes.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.