Calvatia cyathiformis

Common Names: Purple-spored puffball
Category: Fungi
Sub-category: Puffballs

5 to 20 cm high and/or broad; round or flattened when young; becoming pear-shaped or round with a flattened top and narrowed base; white, tan or pinkish gray to light brown; smooth, the skin cracking and flaking with age; sterile base prominent, chambered, white to dingy yellow or darker, persisting as a deep purplish to purple-brown cuplike structure after the spores have dispersed; flesh white and firm when young, becoming yellowish, then brownish and finally dull purple and powdery.

Saprobic; fruiting on lawns, pastures, golf courses and prairies from summer to fall; scattered to gregarious, often forming fairy rings; widely distributed.

Edible Notes: Edible when young and the flesh is still white.
Warnings: Young Amanita species can be mistaken for puffballs.