Amanita bisporigera

Common Names: Eastern North American destroying angel
Category: Fungi
Sub-category: Amanitas

A deadly poisonous Amanita mushroom. The mushroom has a smooth white cap that can reach up to 3.9 inches across, and a stem, up to 5.5 inches long by 0.71 inches thick, that has a delicate white skirt-like ring near the top. The bulbous stem base is covered with a membranous sac-like volva. The white gills are free from attachment to the stalk and crowded closely together.

The fruit bodies are found on the ground in mixed coniferous and deciduous forests, typically in the summer.

Edible Notes: ** Deadly poisonous. **
Warnings: ** Deadly poisonous. ** Considered the most toxic North American Amanita mushroom, its deadly effects result in liver failure. Toxins are not broken down by boiling, drying or freezing. One mature mushroom can be a lethal dose.