Agaricus augustus group

Common Names: Agaricus augustus group, The Prince
Category: Fungi
Sub-category: Agarics

A catch-all for unidentified photos of fungi in the Agaricus augustus group, which is a collection of 2 to 3 different species in the area which may be difficult to ID based on photo alone. They are saprobic; growing gregariously under conifers and other trees including oaks; summer and fall. The scent is strong, reminiscent of almonds; taste similar. Caps are about 10 to 35 cm; usually blocky and nearly cylindric at first, becoming convex to broadly convex or nearly flat; dry; whitish underneath a dense covering of brown to dark brown, fibrillose scales; bruising yellow, at least near the margin.

Edible Notes: With positive identification, Agaricus augustus is considered an excellent edible mushroom.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.