Tympanuchus cupido

Common Names: Greater prairie chicken, pinnated grouse, boomer
Category: Birds
Sub-category: Pheasants, Turkeys, & Grouse

This North American species was once abundant, but has become extremely rare or extinct over much of its range due to habitat loss. It is considered extinct/extirpated in Connecticut.

Adults of both sexes are medium sized, stocky, with round-wings. They have short tails which are typically rounded and dark in color. Adult males have orange comb-like feathers over their eyes and dark, elongated head feathers that can be raised or lain along neck. They also possess a circular, un-feathered neck patch can be inflated while displaying, this like their comb feathers is also orange. As with many other bird species the adult females have shorter head feathers and also lack the male's yellow comb and orange neck patch.

Greater Prairie Chickens prefer undisturbed prairie and were originally found in tall grass prairies.

Edible Notes: It is edible, but due to its threatened status, it should not be eaten.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.