Sea Creatures
Slime Molds
A Note On Categories

The Tree of Life is diverse and ever-changing as we learn more about life on Earth. It is the job of our biologists to organize it into a meaningful structure. However what is effective for scientists is not always the most intuitive form of organization for the average person. ConnecticutWilderness.com is designed for the average person, from students to adults. In order to make our information as accessible as possible, we have organized our species into the above 12 categories.

While it is true that both trees and mosses are plants, we have found it helpful to separate them into their own categories…for now. Lichens are a special class of life that is a symbiotic organism, typically consisting of both an algae and a fungus. What confusion! So it has its own category on this website. Also, in many field guides slime molds are listed along with fungi. This is because they are frequently mistaken for a fungus when they are really eukaryotic organisms that are in a completely different kingdom. So we’ve given them their own category as well. We don’t have a lot of pictures from the sea, so we have lumped them all into a category called Sea Creatures for now.

As the website grows and we increase our number of species, we may fine tune our organization of categories. Future categories we would like to add are: Fish and Gastropods (slugs!), however we are currently lacking enough photos to justify this.

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