Progress Update 9/21/2017: Big Update: Foraging, statistics, and more!


We have finally restored a Foraging / Wild Edibles section to the website, a very popular feature on our old website. The new Foraging section still needs some fine-tuning, but for now you can view the lists of edible species for each category.  We have also added a “Edible Species” button to each category so if you’re browsing Plants, for example, you can quickly change your view to just show the edible ones.

We need to tweak a few of the species pages to provide more relevant information about edibility and dangers. We also want to put in some sorting so that it shows the choice edibles first. We also intend to produce some advanced articles on specific species such as how to forage and prepare wild ramps, how to shell black walnuts, and how to process acorns for flour. Stuff like that.  As we begin to add those relevant articles, they will all get linked into the foraging section. We are also hoping to acquire a few recipes to add as well.  But that’s all future development that will mostly take place in 2018.


As you may have heard, we have reached a major milestone for us with 1000+ unique species added to the database and over 5000+ photos.  To celebrate, we have added a new page for these statistics under the Resources section.

New Species and Backlog Finished

We have been adding new species regularly for the past few months. We are (as of the time of this post) mostly caught-up on our backlog of photographs. So that means we need to hit the woods and start photographing again! We still think there is one or two more good mushroom hikes in before the autumn arrives.

What’s Next

  • After finishing our section on Foraging and edible species, we feel it’s warranted to put together a new special section dedicated to potential dangers of the wild such as deadly poisonous plants, poison ivy, etc… Knowledge of one should always include the other.
  • Adding to our foraging section we will be looking forward to adding recipes for wild edibles. (Such as pickled ramps, sauteed mushrooms, etc…) We will look to our audience to submit recipes and photos.
  • And finally, we are going to work on producing some monthly reports that will help people know what to look for at any given time of the year.

There are also still a few minor bugs and formatting issues on the website that need to be resolved. We also want to make a few improvements to page layout to improve loading time as well as some additional navigation options. Simply put, we want the website to load faster and help you get to what you are looking for easier.

What’s Happening Outside

Mushrooms have been in full swing and they’ll still be abundant for another month or so. If you haven’t been out on a mushroom walk yet, make sure to get out this weekend if you can. Hopefully the recent rains will bring a nice flush for Saturday and Sunday.

While there are plenty of late-summer wildflowers and foliage, we are starting to see the plants and leaves begin their yearly process of turning for the autumn. It won’t be long before the leaves have fallen from the trees and the forests are brown and empty.

I posted this in the last notice but I think I’ll keep it here all summer:

This has been a particularly bad year for ticks unfortunately. Always remember to take precautions outdoors.  Wear socks, long pants, and use insect repellent, preferably containing DEET 40% or more. Always do a thorough tick check after being in the woods. Always shower after hiking. Check your pets for ticks regularly. And learn the warning symptoms of a potential Lyme disease infection (bulls-eye rash, fever, neck and joint pain, headache) It’s no joke this year, be careful!


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