Progress Update 8/26/2016


I have finished adding in all of the birds species that were on the former website (192 total!) with at least 1 picture per species.  I used this opportunity to improve and expand-upon some of the descriptions so that each species should now have a physical description as well as an idea of its habitat (something that was lacking on the former website for many species).  I also used the opportunity to correct a few latin names that have changed since (Such as the wood warbler genus Setophaga, formerly Dendroica.)

During this process I also re-added a number of locations that were on the former site.  So that area is expanding as well.

The process of adding species and locations to the website speeds-up the over-all process for adding new photographs.  If, for example, I have a photo of a new bird, never photographed before, at a new location, I have to not only upload the photograph, but also add information about the species and the location.  That’s 3 steps for one photograph.  But each additional photograph of that species at that location only requires 1 step.  I still need to back-fill all of the additional bird photographs, probably 1000 or more, but it will be much easier now that I have the species and locations already done.

Moving on from Birds, the next category to repopulate will be Fungi.  I have about 106 or so fungi species to be added that will take some time.  But it’s a great category and I’m looking forward to it.  Over-all there were over 800 different species on the former website.  I’d say the progress for rebuilding the website is at about 20%.  Hoping to be closer to 50% before the end of the year, and completed by next spring.

So progress is being made.  The website will be rebuilt.  I still have much programming that needs to be done and it’s still under construction, but it’s starting to become useful as an identification aid again.

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