Progress Update 8/11/2016

So far this summer has been hot!  We went through a relatively long hot and dry spell and that made it difficult to visit the outdoors for an extended period of time.  However the current forecast shows a lot of rain for the next week or so, which means the next good day we have should provide for an abundance of the late summer mushrooms which can be quite spectacular.  So as soon as the rain lets up, make sure you get outside as soon as possible. I would expect it’s still possible to find chanterelle, black trumpet, and chicken-of-the-woods mushrooms, among other favorites.

Late summer is also a fantastic time for insects. Many natures centers such as Earthplace and the New Canaan Nature Center have large fields of wild flowers which are now filled with all kinds of crazy insects including the stunning black and yellow garden spider, as well as praying mantises.

Progress on the website has been moving along.  I’ve made a big push in the last few weeks to get the Birds section repopulated with species.  It is one of our larger categories so it’s taking a fair amount of time.  But you should see new bird species being added on a regular basis and I’m hoping to check that category off the list within a week or two.  New locations are being added as well.

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