Progress Update 6/7/2016

Progress is moving slowly from the front-end perspective but is improving rapidly on the back-end. There there are dozens of individual tasks, they are primarily divided into two categories: programming and adding new species/photos. Adding new species and photos is a semi-manual process and is going to take some time to re-populate all of the data to the level it was before. Hundreds of species, thousands of photos, dozens of locations. It’s a lot to do manually but there is no other way to do it. So I’m whittling away at the tasked bit-by-bit every week.

The programming tasks on the other hand will speed-up the over-all process of repopulating the website and presenting the data in a useful manner. This more or less means creating page content dynamically based on meta data from the photos and pages. Right now all of the category and species pages are now 100% dynamic. The locations pages will follow soon. I’ve also started populating the front page. It’s bit rough right now but I’m working on content first and will make it pretty later. Right now it has inspirational nature-themed quotes, the 10 most recently added species, and any new articles or update posts like this one.

Some of the bigger programming hurdles ahead will be implementing a feedback/report system so that visitors can help fix misidentifications or information errors. As well as a general feedback form so visitors can contact the admins. I also want to add an events calendar as well as a few new special features.

So please stay tuned and know that progress is being made. I would expect the bulk of the programming to be completed by end of summer and repopulating the content finished sometime 2017.

Thank you all,


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