West Rock Ridge State Park

Access Point: 53 Main Street, Hamden, CT (Lake Wintergreen)
Additional Information: http://www.ct.gov/dep/cwp/view.asp?A=2716&Q=325276

Rising up to 627 feet above mean sea level, West Rock Ridge is one of the most prominent features of the New Haven region. West Rock affords the visitor a spectacular view; it is estimated that one can see approximately 200 square miles from various locations on the ridge with excellent views of New Haven Harbor and Long Island Sound.

The park overlooks Lake Wintergreen and Konold’s Pond. Lake Wintergreen is a popular local spot for fishing and canoeing.

Species Sightings

+ Amphibians
+ Birds
+ Fungi
+ Insects
+ Lichens
+ Mammals
+ Mosses
+ Plants
+ Trees

Misc. Photos from West Rock Ridge State Park