Silver Sands State Park

Access Point: Silver Sands Park Way, Milford, CT
Additional Information:

The park consists of 297 acres of beach, dunes, salt marsh, open areas and woods. The park offers facilities for swimming in Long Island Sound, picnicking, trails, boardwalks and opportunities for bird-watching. It includes the 14-acre bird sanctuary of Charles Island, which is rumored to be the site of Captain Kidd’s buried treasure.

The park land was acquired by the state after Hurricane Diane destroyed 75 homes there in 1955. The area includes the tidal channels of the Fletcher’s Creek and Nettleton Creek watershed and had been a local dumping site and landfill until 1977. Soil analyses have indicated the presence of heavy metal pollutants, probably due to the area’s use as a dump. In 1997, a project to restore the coastal wetlands along Silver Sands was approved. The park was renovated according to plans begun in 1990 by architect Alfredo De Vido and completed in 2000.

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