Saugatuck Falls Natural Area

Access Point: Across the street from John Read Middle School, Redding, CT
Additional Information:

Saugatuck Falls Natural Area is located right across the street from John Read Middle School in Redding, CT. off of Route 53. Make your way into the Natural Area and you’ll soon disappear into another world. It’s not a huge place but the terrain changes frequently and the various trails allow for some serious hiking. Within 20 minutes you can pass over the Saugatuck River, through open fields, into dark forests, and along a small waterfall/rapids section of the river. Because this area is environmentally protected and cared for, the wildlife have the run of the place. All types of birds, water fowl, and plant life are in abundance. Wild turkey, deer, hawk, owl, heron, and possibly a bobcat or two also prowl through here.

Species Sightings

+ Amphibians
+ Birds
+ Fungi
+ Insects
+ Lichens
+ Mammals
+ Plants
+ Reptiles
+ Slime Molds
+ Trees

Misc. Photos from Saugatuck Falls Natural Area