Littorina littorea

Common Names: Common periwinkle
Category: Sea Creatures
Sub-category: Snails

The shell is broadly ovate, thick, sharply pointed except when eroded. The shell contains 6 to 7 whorls with some fine threads and wrinkles. The color is variable from grayish to gray-brown, often with dark spiral bands. The base of the columella is white. The shell lacks an umbilicus. The white outer lip is sometimes checkered with brown patches. The inside of the shell has a chocolate-brown color.

Found in costal areas, often attached to rocks, or near the shoreline.

Edible Notes: Although small, they are edible and there is a fair amount of information available online. A safer and tastier alternative might be to look for escargot in specialty food store or gourmet restaurants.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.