Veratrum viride

Common Names: Swamp hellebore, indian poke, indian hellebore, false hellebore, green false hellebore, giant false-helleborine
Category: Plants
Sub-category: Melanthiaceae family

A herbaceous perennial plant reaching 0.7 to 2 m tall, with a solid green stem. The leaves are spirally arranged, 10 to 35 cm long and 5 to 20 cm broad, elliptic to broad lanceolate ending in a short point, heavily ribbed and hairy on the underside. The flowers are numerous, produced in a large branched inflorescence 30 to 70 cm tall; each flower is 5 to 12 mm long, with six green to yellow-green tepals. The fruit is a capsule 1.5 to 3 cm long, which splits into three sections at maturity to release the numerous flat 8 to 10 mm diameter seeds. The plant reproduces through rhizome growth as well as seeds.

Found in swamps and wetlands.

Primary Flower Color: Green
Secondary Flower Color: Yellow
Edible Notes: Poisonous.
Warnings: The plant is highly toxic, causing nausea and vomiting. If the poison is not evacuated, cold sweat and vertigo appears. Respiration slows, cardiac rhythm and blood pressure falls, eventually leading to death.