Lonicera sempervirens

Common Names: Trumpet honeysuckle, coral honeysuckle, scarlet honeysuckle
Category: Plants
Sub-category: Honeysuckle family

The plant is evergreen in zone 8 and warmer and deciduous in colder climates. It is a twining vine growing to 20 ft or more through shrubs and young trees. The leaves are produced in opposite pairs, oval, up to 5 cm long and 4 cm broad; the leaves immediately below the flowers are perfoliate, joined at the base in a complete ring round the shoot. The flowers are produced in clusters of several groups of three together, tubular, 5 cm long, with five small lobes opening at the tip to expose the stamens and stigma; they are bright red to pinkish-red.

It is commonly grown as an ornamental plant in gardens, for its attractive flowers, and also as one of the best plants to attract hummingbirds.

Primary Flower Color: Red/Orange
Secondary Flower Color: Red/Orange
Edible Notes: No available information on edibility.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.