Codium fragile tomentosoides

Common Names: Green sea fingers, dead man's fingers, felty fingers, forked felt-alga, stag seaweed, sponge seaweed, green sponge, green fleece, oyster thief
Category: Plants
Sub-category: Seaweeds

A species of seaweed in the family Codiaceae. It originates in the Pacific Ocean near Japan and has become an invasive species on the coasts of the Northern Atlantic Ocean. This siphonous green alga is dark green in color. It appears as a fuzzy patch of tubular fingers. These formations hang down from rocks during low tide, hence the nickname "dead man's fingers". The "fingers" are branches up to a centimeter wide and sometimes over 30 centimeters long.

Primary Flower Color: None
Secondary Flower Color: None
Edible Notes: It is reported to be edible with some debate about flavor. One source says it should eaten raw otherwise it becomes too soft and disintegrates from the heat.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.