Aquilegia canadensis

Common Names: Wild columbine, Canadian columbine, eastern red columbine
Category: Plants
Sub-category: Buttercup family

An herbaceous perennial. Height is 15 to 90 cm. Leaves are lobed and grouped in 3s, growing from the base and off the flowering stems. Flowers are 1 to 2 inches long and have yellow petals with a red spur and red sepals, nodding on stems above the leaves. The round end of the spur contains nectar, which is sought by butterflies and hummingbirds.

Found in woodlands and rocky slopes. Blooms in late spring.

Primary Flower Color: Red/Orange
Secondary Flower Color: Yellow
Edible Notes: Poisonous.
Warnings: Poisonous. Canada columbine contains a cyanogenic glycoside, which releases hydrogen cyanide when the plant is damaged.