Anemone blanda

Common Names: Grecian windflower, Balkan anemone, winter windflower
Category: Plants
Sub-category: Buttercup family

Native to southeastern Europe, Turkey, Lebanon, and Syria, it has been cultivated and thus has a world-wide distribution in gardens. An herbaceous tuberous perennial, it grows to 15 cm tall and broad. It is valued for its daisy-like flowers which appear in early Spring, a time when little else is in flower. The flowers are an intense shade of purple blue, but are also available in shades of pink and white.

It grows in any well-drained soil which dries out in summer; hence it is often used for underplanting deciduous trees which provide the necessary conditions.

Primary Flower Color: Blue/Purple
Secondary Flower Color: Pink
Edible Notes: Likely poisonous like other Anemones.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.