Vulpes vulpes

Common Names: Red fox
Category: Mammals
Sub-category: Foxes

The most widespread and abundant fox species in Connecticut. The red fox is best identified by its reddish coat, black legs and ears, and long, white-tipped, bushy tail. It has an elongated muzzle, pointed ears, and a white underside. Other color phases are uncommon but include silver, black, and a cross, always with a white-tipped tail and dark feet. The tail is proportionally longer than the tail of a coyote and, when the fox is running, it is held horizontally behind the animal. Red foxes weigh between 7 and 15 pounds, and measure between 39 and 43 inches long, including the tail. Males are slightly heavier and generally larger than females.

Red foxes prefer to inhabit a mixture of forest and open fields. They use the transition zone between these habitats as hunting areas. Suburban and urban areas are commonly inhabited.

Edible Notes: Fox meat is edible, however not recommended due to the risk of diseases.
Warnings: While foxes are not typically aggressive or dangerous on their own, they can carry organisms that are responsible for several contagious diseases, such as mange, distemper, and rabies.