Neotibicen canicularis

Common Names: Dog-day cicada, dogday harvestfly
Category: Insects
Sub-category: Cicadas

Syn. Tibicen canicularis. The common name is a reference to the hot 'dog days' of late summer when this species is heard singing. Mostly black with green markings on its body. The body size is typically 27 to 33 millimeters, the wingspan can reach 82 mm. The wings are interlaced with green veins which are especially noticeable near the base. The song of T. canicularis is often described as being a loud, high-pitched whine much like a power saw cutting wood. It lasts for several seconds before fading away at the end of the noise.

Common habitats are mixed and deciduous woods.

Edible Notes: Cicadas are edible and have been compared to shrimp. There is some reported concern about high levels of mercury, possibility of choking on the hard body parts, and potential allergic reaction.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.