Melanoplus punctulatus

Common Names: Pine tree spur-throat grasshopper, grizzly locust, grizzled grasshopper, griseous grasshopper, mottled grasshopper
Category: Insects
Sub-category: Grasshoppers

Camouflage patterned. Outer face of hind femora marked with alternating blackish and grayish bands (a distinctive feature). Lower inside of hind femur usually bright red. Hind tibiae reddish and/or gray. Males are 27 to 31 mm, females are 37 45 mm.

Found in forests and oak savannah; may be nocturnal, comes to lights. Seen perched on trunks of trees, where well-camouflaged. Typically July to November.

Edible Notes: While not commonly consumed in the United States, grasshoppers are edible and consumed in other parts of the world. They must be cooked to prevent pathogens and the legs should be removed before eating. There is information available online on how to properly prepare grasshoppers for eating.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.
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