Melanoplus bivittatus

Common Names: Two-striped grasshopper, yellow-striped grasshopper
Category: Insects
Sub-category: Grasshoppers

A relatively large species with sizes ranging from 30 to 55 mm. A pair of pale yellow stripes running along the top of its body from above its eyes to the hind tip of its wings help to easily identify this species. This characteristic also gives this species its other common name the Yellow-striped Grasshopper. The species also has a yellowish green coloration throughout its body due to chromoprotein and carotenoid. The rest of the body looks similar to that of most grasshopper species, with enlarged hind legs for jumping and two pairs of wings, with one set overlapping the other.

Typically found in relatively sunny, moist, lush, weedy or meadowy areas. Meadows, prairies, crop fields, road sides, vacant lots, ditch and stream sides, and vegetable gardens. June to October.

Edible Notes: While not commonly consumed in the United States, grasshoppers are edible and consumed in other parts of the world. They must be cooked to prevent pathogens and the legs should be removed before eating. There is information available online on how to properly prepare grasshoppers for eating.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.