Acronicta americana

Common Names: American dagger moth
Category: Insects
Sub-category: Moths

Wingspan of 50 to 65 mm. It is gray to gray-brown with darker markings. It usually has a sharp, double postmedian line, with white in between the two lines. There is a black dash on the anal area of the fore wing. The hind wing is gray with a faint, darker gray median line in the male. The female is similar, except the hind wing is completely dark. The young caterpillar is densely covered with yellow setae. The older caterpillar's setae are either pale yellow or white. All instars have thin, black setae on the first and third abdominal segments. On the eighth abdominal segment, there is one tuft of black setae. The caterpillar will reach a length 50 mm.

found in or near deciduous woodlands and forests. Moth form can be seen from April to September throughout its range. Caterpillars can be seen from July to October.

Edible Notes: No available information on edibility.
Warnings: Caution should be taken in handling the caterpillar, as the hollow setae may break off in to human skin, releasing a toxin which can produce a rash.