Tyromyces chioneus

Common Names: White cheese polypore, white rot
Category: Fungi
Sub-category: Polypores

The fruit bodies are semicircular to fan-shaped brackets that measure up to 8 cm broad by 10 cm wide, with a thickness of 0.5 to 2 cm. The upper surface is initially white before aging to yellowish or grayish, and has a texture ranging from smooth to tomentose. The undersurface features white to cream-colored, round to angular pores measuring 3 to 4 per millimeter. The flesh is soft and fleshy when young, but becomes hard and brittle in age or when dry. It has a mild or indistinct taste, and a pleasant odor.

Causes white rot in dead hardwood trees, especially birch.

Edible Notes: Not edible, woody.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.