Tremella aurantia

Common Names: Yellow witches' butter, golden ear
Category: Fungi
Sub-category: Jelly Fungus

Similar in appearance to T. mesenterica, however T. aurantia grows on dead hard woods that have been attacked by the wood-rotting fungi Stereum hirsutum, where as T. mesenterica is parasitic on the Peniophora genus. Besides the above species, a third "Witch's Butter," Dacrymyces palmatus, is also regularly encountered. It typically is more orange, and unlike the Tremella species, is saprobic on conifer wood. Fruit bodies are 2 to 10 cm broad, consisting of clustered, convoluted folds with blunt margins; surface yellow, to yellowish-orange, shiny when wet, otherwise dull; context gelatinous, drying to a stiff, hard crust, reviving after periods of moisture.

Edible Notes: Reported to be edible but without flavor.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.