Galiella rufa

Common Names: Hairy rubber cup, rubber cup, rufous rubber cup
Category: Fungi
Sub-category: Cup Fungus

The fruit bodies are initially closed and roughly spherical to top-shaped, and resemble minute puffballs. They later open in the shape of a shallow cup, and reach diameters of 15 to 35 mm wide. The cup margin is curved inwards and irregularly toothed; the teeth are a lighter color than the hymenium. The interior surface of the cup, which bears the spore-bearing surface (the hymenium) is reddish-brown to orange-brown. The exterior surface is blackish-brown, and covered with tiny hairs that give it a felt-like or hairy texture. The flesh of the fruit body is grayish, translucent, gelatinous and rubbery. The fungus sometimes has a short stem that is up to 10 mm long by 5 mm wide, but it may be missing in some specimens. Dried fruit bodies become leathery and wrinkled.

Typically grow in clusters on branches and exposed portions of buried wood.

Edible Notes: Although generally considered inedible by North American mushroom field guides, it is reported to be commonly consumed in Malaysia. But just because it's consumed in some parts of the world, doesn't verify that it's safe. Consumption not recommended due to the lack of credible information.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.