Fomitiporia punctata

Common Names: White rot fungus
Category: Fungi
Sub-category: Fomitiporia

Syn. Phellinus punctatus. A rot-fungus affecting many commercial orchards. Basidiocarps resupinate, perennial. Pores round, 6 to 8 mm; pore surface light brown, yellowish brown to dark brown glancing, marginal sterile zone membranous or indistinct, yellowish brown. Tubes fibrous-corky to woody, stratified or not, up to 5 mm deep in each layer. Subiculum thin, without a crust. Hyphal system dimitic. Trama hyphae subregular to interwoven, non-agglutinated.

Edible Notes: Not edible.
Warnings: A known pathogen on trees, it is not dangerous to humans but is dangerous to commercial growing operations.