Cortinarius alboviolaceus

Common Names: Pearly webcap
Category: Fungi
Sub-category: Corts

Mycorrhizal with hardwoods, especially birch; growing alone or gregariously; summer and fall. Cap is 3 to 7 cm; convex to bell-shaped, becoming broadly bell-shaped or flat, with a broad central bump; dry; satiny; pale purplish at first, but covered with whitish veil material, becoming silvery or whitish lilac. Gills are attached to the stem; close; pale purplish at first, becoming cinnamon to rusty brown; covered by a white cortina when young. Stem is 5 to 9 cm long; up to about 1 cm thick at the apex; usually swollen at the base or club-shaped; dry; silky; pale lilac, especially near the apex; with whitish to silvery fibers that may trap mature spores and thus develop rusty colors; basally "booted" or sheathed with white veil material. Flesh is whitish or pale lilac.

Edible Notes: This mushroom is generally regarded as inedible or potentially poisonous. Some Cortinarius species contain the toxin orellanine, which if eaten destroys human kidneys and liver.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.