Amanita elongata

Common Names: Peck's yellow dust Amanita
Category: Fungi
Sub-category: Amanitas

The cap is 33 to 45 mm wide and usually a vivid yellow, sometimes orange-yellow, occasionally yellow with an irregular orange area near or over the center, broadly bell-shaped to convex to plano-convex. The flesh is up to 4 mm thick above the stem. The margin is nonstriate (except possibly in age) and nonappendiculate. The volva is absent or randomly distributed in crumb-like, floccose warts; these are easily removed and yellow. The gills are free, subcrowded to crowded, off-white to cream in mass, pale cream in side view, up to 3 mm broad, with a white edge despite the yellow pigment in the annulus. The stem is up to 110 mm long and 4 to 10 mm wide, white (except occasionally above the annulus), narrowing upward, barely flaring at the apex, finely fibrillose below the annulus, finely pruinose above the annulus. The flesh of the stem is white, solid in part, stuffed in part, with a central cylinder up to 4 mm wide. The volva is yellow, friable, and often found in sparse fragments around the bulb or on the lower stem. Alternatively, the volva may take the form of a slight limb at the base of the stem or may be difficult to locate or left in the soil when the mushroom is collected.

Edible Notes: No available information on edibility.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.