Haemorhous mexicanus

Common Names: House finch
Category: Birds
Sub-category: Finches

Adults have a long, square-tipped brown tail and are a brown or dull-brown color across the back with some shading into deep gray on the wing feathers. Breast and belly feathers may be streaked; the flanks usually are. In most cases, adult males' heads, necks and shoulders are reddish. This color sometimes extends to the stomach and down the back, between the wings. Male coloration varies in intensity with the seasons and is derived from the berries and fruits in its diet. As a result, the colors range from pale straw-yellow through bright orange (both rare) to deep, intense red. Adult females have brown upperparts and streaked underparts.

These birds are mainly permanent residents throughout their range. Their breeding habitat is urban and suburban areas as well as various semi-open areas. They are common around bird feeders, especially in the winter.

Edible Notes: No available information on edibility.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.