Egretta tricolor

Common Names: Tricolored heron, Louisiana heron
Category: Birds
Sub-category: Bitterns, Herons, & Egrets

This species measures from 22 to 30 inches long, and has a wingspan of 38 inches. The slightly larger male heron weighs 14.6 oz on average, while the female averages 11.8 oz. It is a medium-large, long-legged, long-necked heron with a long pointed yellowish or greyish bill with a black tip. The legs and feet are dark. Adults have a blue-grey head, neck, back and upperwings, with a white line along the neck. The belly is white. In breeding plumage, they have long blue filamentous plumes on the head and neck, and buff ones on the back.

Tricolored Heron's breeding habitat is sub-tropical swamps.

Edible Notes: No available information on edibility.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.