Catharus guttatus

Common Names: Hermit thrush
Category: Birds
Sub-category: Thrushes

The Hermit Thrush is the state bird of Vermont. This species is 15-17 cm in length, and has the white-dark-white underwing pattern characteristic of Catharus thrushes. Adults are mainly brown on the upperparts, with reddish tails. The underparts are white with dark spots on the breast and grey or brownish flanks. They have pink legs and a white eye ring. Birds in the east are more olive-brown on the upperparts.

Their breeding habitat is coniferous or mixed woods. They make a cup nest on the ground or relatively low in a tree. They forage on the forest floor, also in trees or shrubs, mainly eating insects and berries.

Edible Notes: No available information on edibility.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.