Buteo platypterus

Common Names: Broad-winged hawk
Category: Birds
Sub-category: Hawks, Kites, & Eagles

Broad-winged hawks' wings are relatively short and broad with a tapered, somewhat pointed appearance. There are two types of colouration: a dark morph with fewer white areas and a light morph that is more pale overall. Adults' bodies are a dark brown with a white belly and chest containing horizontal barring. Their tail can be a dark grey-black with white lines along the middle, base and tip. The young hawks have a slightly different colouring with more white and longitudinal barring instead of horizontal barring.

They breed in deciduous forests good for nesting and forage primarily in wetlands and meadows. While some birds have acclimatized themselves to living near humans even those birds avoid human settlements and interactions.

Edible Notes: No available information on edibility.
Warnings: While not generally considered dangerous, hawks sometimes will attack humans or pets when defending their territory or may see small pets as prey. It is not safe to handle an injured hawk unless protected and trained.