Bombycilla cedrorum

Common Names: Cedar waxwing
Category: Birds
Sub-category: Waxwings

A colorful bird with a fondness for Eastern Red cedar. Cedar waxwings are approximately 6-7 inches long and weigh roughly 30 grams. These birds' most prominent feature is a small cluster of bright red feathers on the wings, a feature they share with the Bohemian Waxwing (but not the Japanese Waxwing). The tail is typically yellow or orange depending on diet. Birds that have fed on berries of introduced Eurasian honeysuckles while growing tail feathers will have darker orange-tipped tail-feathers. Adults have a pale yellow belly. Immature birds are streaked on the throat and flanks, and often do not have the black mask of the adults.

Found in cedar trees, forests, often in large flocks.

Edible Notes: No available information on edibility.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.